Major Focus:

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Beaumont is an international leader in the development of improved rice cultivars and superior rice production and management systems, and is recognized for its strengths in quantitative analysis of cropping systems interactions. The Center is increasingly recognized for the development and use of marker-assisted selection methods, and has undertaken major research efforts in developing bioenergy crops and superior bioenergy crop production and management systems. As an important component of its teaching mission, the Center heavily invests in graduate student training.


To contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the Upper Gulf Coast, Texas and the world. To achieve this, the Center will:

  • Maintain an internationally recognized rice production and management strengths, while expanding into research areas associated with developing improved bioenergy crops and superior crop production and management systems
  • Expand strengths in quantitative agroecosystems analysis and marker-assisted selection
  • Expand linkages with sister agencies and organizations

Research Programs:

Agroecosystems Management; Crop, Weed and Water Management; Entomology; Genetics; Molecular Breeding; Plant Physiology; Cereal Quality; Soils and Crop Nutrition; and Varietal Development.

Special Projects:

  • Development of improved rice cultivars and superior rice production and management systems (Texas Rice Research Foundation)
  • High Yielding Water Efficient Varietal Development (Lower Colorado River Authority)
  • Rice On-Farm Water Conservation Analysis (Lower Colorado River Authority)
  • Aeration-Based Post-Harvest Grain Management (USDA/Crops At Risk)
  • Development of Bioenergy Crops and Superior Bioenergy Crop Production and Management Systems (AgriLife Research Bioenergy Initiative, DOE Sun- Grant Bioenergy Program)
  • Application of Genomic Discoveries to Improve Rice (USDA/Rice CAPS Program)
  • Mapping the Gene Networks Controlling Nutrient Content in Rice Grain (NSF)

Center Director:

Dr. Lloyd T. (Ted) Wilson
1509 Aggie Drive
Beaumont, TX 77713
Phone: (409) 752-3045
Fax: (409) 752-5560


Full-time: 54 (39 Research, 15 USDA)
Part-time:/Student Workers: 20 (15 Research, 5 USDA)


Since 1887, Texas A&M AgriLife Research has been an integral part of the Texas A&M System. AgriLife Research is the state’s only agency dedicated to research and technology development in food, agriculture and natural resources. There are 13 AgriLife Research and Extension centers serving the specific research needs of each region and for agricultural and urban citizens across the state.


Created in 1909 as a part of Texas A&M AgriLife Research and a member of the Texas A&M System, the Center facilities at Beaumont are located on 990 acres. The Eagle Lake Station, created in 1970, has 120 acres and expands the Center’s ability to address the needs of the Upper Gulf Coast agriculture. The Center also has a smaller test site in Ganado.

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