Service Centers and Core Facilities

advancing research, Supporting Texas Producers

Core research facilities and service centers supported by AgriLife Research provide a varying array of technologies and methods for advancing ongoing research by Texas A&M faculty and staff as well as support for producers and industry initiatives.

Big data processing, plant transformation, advanced phenotyping techniques and disease diagnosis are some of the services available though these facilities.

Service centers and core facilities online

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    Providing big data and computational technology for the well-being of Texas land and natural resources

  • glass entry way into laboratory

    Comprehensive genomics and bioinformatics services including sequencing, library preparation  processing and analysis for Texas A&M, Texas and the world

  • cows grazing under a tree

    A service laboratory of the Center for Natural Resource Information Technology offering decision support tools for better management of livestock and natural resources

  • Researcher holing a petri dish of plant matter

    Offering instrumentation for targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis, specializing in small, polar compounds that can be separated by liquid or gas chromatography

  • Advanced technologies for crop transformation services, including refrigerate centrifuge and shaker, spectrophotometer, stereoscopes, fluorescence imaging system, laminar flows and gene gun among others

  • Advanced sensors, robotics, big data and controlled environment technology providing a revolutionary new imaging system for precisely studying agricultural crops

  • vet with a petri dish

    Protein analysis services using state-of-the-art instrumentation, systems, software, technical expertise and training for the application of modern molecular biological technologies

  • wheat field filling image screen

    The liaison between AgriLife Research plant breeding programs and companies interested in licensing genetically pure plant varieties

  • Mildew on leaf of plant

    Diagnostic assistance with any type of plant disease problem in any type of plant, with lab tests available for the detection of most plant pathogens

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Research and Researchers at TAMU Scholars

For a comprehensive look at published research across AgriLife Research, the agencies of Texas A&M AgriLife and The Texas A&M University System — as well as information on our research faculty — visit TAMU Scholars online.

Research Across Texas

In addition to the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Centers, AgriLife Research supports new discoveries across institutes and partnership initiatives; academic departments in the Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Texas A&M University System campuses with AgriLife Research joint appointments; and more.

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