Emerging Research Areas

Corn in the new Plant Growth and Phenotyping facility with automated growl lights at the top of the row.

New frontiers in agricultural, life sciences
and natural resources research

In our strategic priority to deliver leading-edge discovery and innovation, Texas A&M AgriLife Research endeavors to remain closely in step with emerging challenges to our food and fiber systems. The following clickable gallery of one-page overviews is a growing collection of challenges, which are increasingly present at the forefront of agriculture, natural resources and life sciences research.

Explore one pagers on select emerging research areas of focus

These selected research topics are a few examples of the ways in which multidisciplinary expertise must come together to solve challenges.

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Are you an expert in an emerging field of research in agriculture, natural resources or the life sciences? Please send us a message to discuss potential collaborations or to help expand our growing list of emerging research areas.

Two researchers in a lab
a woman in protective clothing examines a sample through a microscope

Research and Researchers at TAMU Scholars

For a comprehensive look at published research across AgriLife Research, the agencies of Texas A&M AgriLife and The Texas A&M University System — as well as information on our research faculty — visit TAMU Scholars online.

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