Strategic Plan

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Agricultural advancement through research for healthier lives and livelihoods

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research strategic plan is an aspirational 5-year guide to realizing healthy lives and livelihoods, improved through abundant, affordable and high-quality food and agricultural products in Texas and around the world.

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Download the full strategic plan for Texas A&M AgriLife Research and read more about our strategic priorities, competitive advantages and overall commitment.

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A Multipronged Approach to Strategic Planning

In deriving the AgriLife Research strategic plan, several groups were engaged whose input is especially relevant to our agency’s work and mission. Feedback from each of these groups has informed our strategic plan and the future of AgriLife Research.

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Four Synergistic Priorities

In working through a model of adaptive strategic planning, which considers agricultural, environmental and economic variability, we have arrived at four strategic priorities. Each of these works synergistically with its three counterparts, as we must advance all to advance each:

  1. Leading-edge research and innovations
  2. Sustainable production systems
  3. Economic strength
  4. Healthy living
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Adaptive Strategic Planning

In meeting the changing needs of agriculture, we have implemented a model of adaptive strategic planning. This method is based on detecting and responding to variability across a broad scope that spans agricultural policy, environments, economies and related impact areas. Adaptive strategic planning depends upon innovation and input from faculty and staff.

Our commitment: Strengthening our capacity to serve

Continuing to advance agriculture in our four priority areas requires a corresponding commitment to grow and strengthen the scientific enterprise of AgriLife Research by enhancing research capacity, productivity and impact.


  1. Invest in recruitment, retention
  2. Support faculty funding searches and scholarship
  3. Improve infrastructure and access
  4. Integrate AgriLife Research and SVMBS administration and faculty
  5. Recognize and reward successes
  6. Support next-generation training
  7. Nurture internal/external stakeholder relationships
  8. Develop paths to funding

Aligning with The Texas A&M University System

The Texas A&M University System Strategic Imperatives

The set of four priorities identified in the AgriLife Research strategic plan is informed by alignment with the broader imperatives of The Texas A&M University System. The AgriLife Research strategic priorities align directly with three of The Texas A&M University System’s eight strategic imperatives.

Imperative #4

Increase prominence by building a robust and targeted research portfolio.

Imperative #5

Provide services that respond to the needs of the people of Texas and contribute to the strength of the state’s economy.

Imperative #7

Pursue pioneering and progressive opportunities to address national and global challenges.